2. Enable HDP Services

By default the following HDP services are disabled:

  • Apache Falcon

  • Apache Flume agent

  • Apache Knox REST API

  • Apache Hadoop thrift or Apache Hadoop thrift2

To enable these services to start and stop using the Start Local or Remote HDP script, first enable them in the following order. Note that the sc config command requires a space between the start option and its value.

  1. Enable Thrift or Thrift2 on a cluster node.


    Thrift and Thrift2 use the same port, so they cannot run at the same time.

    sc config thrift start= demand 


    sc config thrift2start= demand

  2. Enable Apache Falcon:

     sc config falcon start= demand 

  3. Enable the Flume agent:

    sc config flumeagent start= demand

  4. (Optional) To allow access to the cluster through the Knox Gateway, enable REST on a cluster node:

    sc config rest start= demand 

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