Hortonworks Data Platform

Installing HDP on Windows



1. Before You Begin
1. HDP Components
2. Minimum System Requirements
2.1. Hardware Recommendations
2.2. Operating System Requirements
2.3. Software Requirements
2.4. (Optional) Microsoft SQL Server for Hive and Oozie Database Instances
2.5. Requirements for Installing Ranger
3. Preparing for Hadoop Installation
3.1. Gather Hadoop Cluster Information
3.2. Configure the Network Time Server (NTS)
3.3. Set Interfaces to IPv4 Preferred
3.4. (Optional) Create Hadoop user
3.5. Enable Remote PowerShell Script Execution
3.6. Enable Remote PowerShell Execution for Nodes in a Workgroup
3.7. (Optional) Enable Networking Configurations for Active Directory Domains
3.8. Configure Ports
3.9. Install Required Software
2. Defining Cluster Properties
1. Download the HDP Installer
2. Using the HDP Setup Interface
3. Set HDP Properties
4. Set High Availability Properties
5. Set Ranger Properties
6. Complete the GUI Installation Process
7. Manually Creating a Cluster Properties File
3. Deploying a Multi-node HDP Cluster
1. About the HDP MSI Installer and HDP Public Properties
1.1. Standard Installer Options
1.2. HDP Public Properties
2. Option 1: Central Push Install Using a Deployment Service
3. Option 2: Central HDP Install Using the Push Install HDP Script
4. Option 3: Installing HDP from the Command Line
5. Installing HDP Client Libraries on a Remote Host
4. Configuring HDP Components and Services
1. Configuring Hadoop Client Memory
2. Enable HDP Services
3. (Microsoft SQL Server Only:) Configure Hive when Metastore DB is in a Named Instance
4. Configure MapReduce on HDFS
5. Configure HBase on HDFS
6. Configure Hive on HDFS
7. Configure Tez for Hive
8. Configure Node Label Support for YARN Applications
9. Configure Ranger Security
10. Configuring HDFS Compression using GZIP
11. Configuring LZO Compression
12. Setting up the Oozie Web Console
13. Using Apache Slider
14. (Optional) Install Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver
15. Start HDP Services
16. Updating Your Configuration
5. Validating the Installation
6. Managing HDP on Windows
1. Starting HDP Services
2. Enabling NameNode High Availability
3. Validating HA Configuration
4. Stopping HDP Services
7. Troubleshooting Your Deployment
1. Installation Errors
1.1. Granting Symbolic Link Privileges
2. Cluster Information
3. Component Environment Variables
4. File Locations, Logging, and Common HDFS Commands
4.1. File Locations
4.2. Enabling Logging
4.3. Common HDFS Commands
8. Uninstalling HDP
9. Appendix: Adding a Smoketest User

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