3.6. Enable Remote PowerShell Execution for Nodes in a Workgroup

You can set these in Active Directory via Group Policies (for a Group including all hosts in your Hadoop cluster), or you can execute the given PowerShell commands on every host in your cluster.


Ensure that the Administrator account on the Windows Server node has a password. The following instructions will not work if the Administrator account has an empty password.

  • To enable remote scripting using PowerShell commands:

    1. At each host in the cluster, open a PowerShell window with "Run as Administrator" privileges, and enter:

      Set-ExecutionPolicy "RemoteSigned" 
      Set-item WSMan:\localhost\Client\allowunencrypted $true
      Set-item wsman:localhost\client\trustedhosts -value "host1,host2"

      where host1,host2 is a list of comma-separated host names in your cluster. For example,"HadoopHost1, HadoopHost2, HadoopHost3".

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