12. Setting up the Oozie Web Console

The Oozie Web Console is not enabled automatically during installation, so you should set it up manually as part of your configuration.

  1. If it is running, use the Control Panel the stop the Oozie service if it is running. It ise named Apache Hadoop oozieservice.

  2. Download the extjs-2.2 zip file and copy it to %OOZIE_HOME%\extra_libs. For example: D:\hdp\oozie-\extra_libs\ext-2.2.zip.

  3. Prepare Oozie using the following command:

    %OOZIE_HOME%\oozieoozie-win-distro\bin\oozie-setup.cmd prepare-war 

    For example:

    D:\hdp\oozie-\oozie-win-distro\bin\oozie-setup.cmd prepare-war 
  4. Restart the Oozie service.

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