3.1. Gather Hadoop Cluster Information

Before deploying your HDP installation, collect the host name or IPv4 address of each the following cluster components:

  • Required components:

    • NameNode and optional Secondary NameNode

    • ResourceManager

    • Hive Server

    • SlaveNode

    • WebHCat

    • Client Host

  • Optional components:

    • Zookeeper

    • HBase Master

    • Flume

    • Knox Gateway

    • Ranger (requires MySQL client)

    • Microsoft SQL Server configured with a Hive and Oozie database instance

    • system account names and passwords


The installer fails if it cannot resolve the host name of each cluster node. To determine the host name for a particular cluster node, open the command line interface on that system. Execute hostname and then nslookup hostname to verify that the name resolves to the correct IP address.

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