LDAP authentication properties

Granting user access using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Cloudera Observability On-Premises supports LDAP authentication through the following properties, which are set on the OBSERVABILITY Configuration page of Cloudera Manager:
  • Enable LDAP (ldap.enabled)
  • LDAP URL (ldap.url)
  • LDAP Bind User Distinguished Name (ldap.bind_dn)
  • LDAP Bind Password (ldap.bind_password)
  • LDAP Group Search Filter (ldap.group_search_filter)
  • LDAP Search Base (ldap.search_base)
  • LDAP Search Filter (ldap.search_filter)
  • LDAP Search Filter Property (ldap.search_filter_property)
  • LDAP Server CA Certificate (ldap.ca_cert)

For information on how to set the values for these LDAP properties, click the help icon by the side of each property.