Ozone HttpFS gateway

Ozone now supports HttpFS Gateway. This allows Ozone to integrate with other tools through REST APIs. HttpFS service is a Jetty based web application that uses the Hadoop FileSystem API to talk to the cluster. HttpFS service is an optional role available in an Ozone cluster.

You can use HttpFS as a gateway to access data on an Ozone cluster behind a firewall. HttpFS is the only system that is allowed to cross the firewall into the Ozone cluster. You can use HttpFS to access data in Ozone using:
  • HTTP utilities such as curl and wget
  • HTTP libraries Perl from other languages than Java
HttpFS service provides REST HTTP gateway supporting File System operations such as read and write. HttpFS service is interoperable with the webhdfs REST HTTP API. You can use the webhdfs client FileSystem implementation to access HttpFS using:
  • Ozone filesystem CLI (ozone fs)
  • Java applications using the Hadoop FileSystem Java API.
HttpFS has built-in security that supports the following:
  • Hadoop pseudo authentication
  • Kerberos SPNEGO
  • Other pluggable authentication mechanisms
  • Hadoop proxy user support