Fixed issues in Ozone parcel 718.2.3

You can review the list of reported issues and their fixes in Ozone parcel 718.2.3. Fixed issues represent selected issues that were previously logged through Cloudera Support, but are now addressed in the current Ozone parcel release. These issues may have been reported in previous versions of Runtime as a known issue; meaning they were reported by customers or identified by Cloudera Quality Engineering teams.


  • HDDS-9489. LegacyReplicationManager: Do not count unique origin nodes as over-replicated.
  • HDDS-9239. Ozone cli command to get container info should deal with empty values for --json.
  • CDPD-63163: Make decom logging limit default to 1000 and be configurable.
  • HDDS-9555. Decommission should not wait on deleting containers.
  • HDDS-9354. LegacyReplicationManager: Unhealthy replicas of a sufficiently replicated container can block decommissioning.
  • HDDS-9321. LegacyReplicationManager: Save unhealthy replicas with highest BCSID for a QUASI_CLOSED container.
  • HDDS-9352. LegacyReplicationManager: Ignore any Datanodes that are not in-service and healthy when finding unique origins.
  • HDDS-9327. LegacyReplicationManager: Handle all unhealthy replicas of a CLOSING container.
  • HDDS-9254. Legacy replication manager uses mismatched replicas as replication sources.
  • HDDS-7907. [hsync] KeyOutputStream is not thread safe.
  • HDDS-9275. LegacyReplicationManager: Delete excess unhealthy with force=true.
  • HDDS-7882. Delete empty containers that are stuck in closing state.
  • HDDS-9257. LegacyReplicationManager: Unhealthy replicas could block under replication handling.
  • HDDS-8536. ReplicationManager: Unhealthy replicas could block Ratis containers being replicated.
  • HDDS-9075. QUASI_CLOSED Replica with incorrect sequenceID should be deleted by SCM.
  • HDDS-8616. Underreplication not fixed if all replicas start decommissioning.
  • HDDS-8459. Ratis under replication handling in a rack aware environment does not work.
  • HDDS-9243. Add assertions to BlockOutputStream.
  • HDDS-9254: Only choose matching replicas when available + unit test.

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