Review the list of requirements before proceeding with the installation or upgrade.

  • As a prevalidation for installation of the Ozone parcels, ensure that /var/lib/hadoop-hdfs is present on all the nodes and owned by the user hdfs.
  • CDP 7.1.8 cluster with CHF 4 or greater installed and corresponding Cloudera Manager release.
  • Ozone parcel 718.2.1 is certified to work with CHF4. However, parcels are expected to be not sensitive to CHF releases.
  • Ozone Parcels are certified to work with Cloudera Manager version 7.10.1.
  • The table below explains the product support matrix for Private Cloud Data Services, Cloudera Runtime, and Ozone parcel:
    Product combination Supportability
    Private Cloud Data Services 1.5.1 with Cloudera Runtime 7.1.8 with CHF 4 or greater Supported
    Ozone parcel 2.1 on Cloudera Runtime 7.1.8 Supported
    Private Cloud Data Services 1.5.1 with Ozone Parcel 718.2.1 Supported