Release Notes
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Before Upgrading

The upgrade patch contains updates to database schemas. To avoid timeouts for databases managing a large amount of users, manually execute one of the following SQL statements on ranger db before starting the upgrade.

DB FlavorSQL Statement
MySQLALTER TABLE x_user MODIFY COLUMN user_name varchar(767) NOT NULL, ADD CONSTRAINT x_user_UK_user_name UNIQUE(user_name(767));
OracleALTER TABLE x_user MODIFY(user_name VARCHAR(767)) ADD CONSTRAINT x_user_UK_user_name UNIQUE (user_name);
PostgresALTER TABLE x_user ALTER COLUMN user_name TYPE VARCHAR(767),ADD CONSTRAINT x_user_UK_user_name UNIQUE(user_name);
SQLServerALTER TABLE [dbo].[x_user] ALTER COLUMN [user_name] [varchar](767) NOT NULL; ALTER TABLE [dbo].[x_user] ADD CONSTRAINT [x_user$x_user_UK_user_name] UNIQUE ([user_name]);
SQL AnywhereALTER TABLE dbo.x_user ALTER user_name varchar(767) NOT NULL;ALTER TABLE dbo.x_user ADD CONSTRAINT x_user_UK_user_name UNIQUE NONCLUSTERED (user_name);

Execution of SQL statement on x_user table having one million users should not take more than ~30 seconds.