Release Notes
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HDP 2.5.0 provides Kafka and the following Apache patches:

  • KAFKA-3258: Delete broker topic metrics of deleted topics.

  • KAFKA-3393: Updated the docs to reflect the deprecation of block.on.buffer.full and usage of

  • KAFKA-3660: Log exception message in ControllerBrokerRequestBatch.

  • KAFKA-3683: Add file descriptor recommendation to ops guide.

  • KAFKA-3704: Revert "Remove hard-coded block size in KafkaProducer."

  • KAFKA-3717: Support building aggregate javadoc for all project modules.

  • KAFKA-3718: Propagate all KafkaConfig __consumer_offsets configs to OffsetConfig instantiation.

  • KAFKA-3721: Put UpdateMetadataRequest V2 in 0.10.0-IV1.

  • KAFKA-3728: EndToEndAuthorizationTest offsets_topic misconfigured.

  • KAFKA-3747: Close `RecordBatch.records` when append to batch fails.

  • KAFKA-3784: TimeWindows#windowsFor calculation is incorrect.

  • KAFKA-3785: Fetcher spending unnecessary time during metrics recording.

  • KAFKA-3787: Preserve the message timestamp in mirror maker.

  • KAFKA-3789: Upgrade Snappy to fix snappy decompression errors.