Release Notes
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HDP 2.5.0 provides Phoenix 4.7.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • PHOENIX-1523: Make it easy to provide a tab literal as separator for CSV imports.

  • PHOENIX-2276: Addednum2 to fix test failures.

  • PHOENIX-2743: HivePhoenixHandler for big-big join with predicate push down.

  • PHOENIX-2748: Disable auto-commit during bulk load.

  • PHOENIX-2758: Ordered GROUP BY not occurring with leading PK equality expression.

  • PHOENIX-2803: Initializing ToCharFunction with the List<Expression< constructor fails.

  • PHOENIX-2817: PHOENIX-Spark plugin doesn't work in secured env.

  • PHOENIX-2820: Investigate why SortMergeJoinIT has a sort in the explain plan.

  • PHOENIX-2828: Ordinality should be 1-based in UNNEST WITH ORDINALITY.

  • PHOENIX-2845: Timestamp ignores nanos in literal expressions.

  • PHOENIX-2856: HBaseManagedTimeTableReuseTest category isn't getting run.

  • PHOENIX-2871: Workaround sqlline issue.

  • PHOENIX-2878: CURRENT_TIME fails to provide correct time when projected table is using.

  • PHOENIX-2886: Union ALL with Char column not present in the table in Query 1 but in Query 2 throw exception.

  • PHOENIX-2894: Sort-merge join works incorrectly with DESC columns.

  • PHOENIX-2898: HTable not closed in ConnectionQueryServicesImpl.

  • PHOENIX-2905: hadoop-2.5.1 artifacts are in the dependency tree.

  • PHOENIX-2908: PHOENIX-core depends on both antlr 3.5 and antlr 2.7.7.

  • PHOENIX-2912: Broken IT tests after PHOENIX-2905.

  • PHOENIX-2919: PreparedStatement Returns Incorrect Number of Deleted Records.

  • PHOENIX-2920: Incorrect Queries on Multi-tenant tables with WHERE clause containing Row Value Constructor.

  • PHOENIX-2934: Checking a coerce expression at top level should not be necessary for Union All query.

  • PHOENIX-2936: Missing antlr runtime on server side after PHOENIX-2908.

  • PHOENIX-2940: Query the stats table and cache stats in the client.

  • PHOENIX-2942: Order by incorrect for RVC.

  • PHOENIX-2952: Addendum to fix test case failure.

  • PHOENIX-2952: array_length return negative value.

  • PHOENIX-2961: Select on a composite primary key fails when DESC is set in the table.

  • PHOENIX-2983: ClassCastException on auto coerce of BIGINT to DECIMAL.

  • PHOENIX-2994: Coalesce function may return null.

  • PHOENIX-3004: Allow configuration in hbase-site to define realms other than the server's.

  • PHOENIX-3006: Fix all ScalarFunctions to implement clone(List) or <init>(List).

  • PHOENIX-3008: Prevent upgrade of existing multi-tenant table to map to namespace until we support it correctly.

  • PHOENIX-3011: Fix missing apache licenses.

  • PHOENIX-3013: TO_CHAR fails to handle indexed null value.

  • PHOENIX-3014: SELECT DISTINCT pk ORDER BY pk DESC gives the wrong results with salted tables.

  • PHOENIX-3015: Any metadata changes may cause unpredictable result when local indexes are using.

  • PHOENIX-3021: Using local index during compaction is producing NPE.

  • PHOENIX-3057: Set incremental=false for sqlline-thin.

  • PHOENIX-3136: Do not relocate org.apache.calcite in queryserver/thin-client.

  • PHOENIX-3149: Local index got corrupted if intermediate compaction happen during the split.

  • PHOENIX-3152: Incorrect comparator in QueryOptimizer may cause IllegalArgumentException.