Release Notes
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HDP 2.5.0 provides Zeppelin 0.6.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • ZEPPELIN-1094: Run all paragraphs keeps appending empty paragraph.

  • ZEPPELIN-1130: Make Livy create session retries configurable.

  • ZEPPELIN-1143: Interpreter dependencies are not downloaded on zeppelin start.

  • ZEPPELIN-1146: Zeppelin JDBC interpreter should work in a Kerberos environment.

  • ZEPPELIN-1149: %sh interpreter kerberos support.

  • ZEPPELIN-1159: Catch RestTemplate exception.

  • ZEPPELIN-1166: Change the jquery-ui CSS file name.

  • ZEPPELIN-1168: Add http header X-Requested-By in post request to Livy Interpreter.

  • ZEPPELIN-1175: AM log is not available for yarn-client mode.

  • ZEPPELIN-1199: Need to login using keytab and principal before creating SparkContext in secured cluster.

  • ZEPPELIN-1212: User impersonation support in JDBC interpreter for Hive.

  • ZEPPELIN-1242: Should set property SPARK_YARN_MODE and do login before creating any spark stuff.

  • ZEPPELIN-1305: Fix bug of ZEPPELIN-1215.

  • ZEPPELIN-1319: Use absolute path for ssl truststore and keystore when available.

  • ZEPPELIN-1320: Run zeppelin interpreter process as web front end user.