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Community Features

The following features are developed and tested by the Hortonworks community but are not officially supported by Hortonworks. These features are excluded for a variety of reasons, including insufficient reliability or incomplete test case coverage, declaration of non-production readiness by the community at large, and feature deviation from Hortonworks best practices. Do not use these features in your production environments.

Table 1.6. Community Features



Introduced in a previous release:

  • Prism Server

  • User Recipes


Introduced in a previous release:

  • HBase Column Family Encryption: use HDFS data at rest encryption instead

  • Use of memcached as block cache is unsupported (HBASE-13170)

  • ZooKeeper-less region assignment

  • Region size balancing (HBASE-13103)

  • HBase Bulk Loads now replicate cross-cluster (HBASE-13153)


Introduced in a previous release:

  • HTTPFS (HDFS-2179)

    HTTPFS is used with Hue, in combination with Knox, and standalone as an API gateway. We highly recommend that you replace HTTPFS with Knox where possible.

  • NameNode Federation (HDFS-1052)

  • Disk Hot Swap (HDFS-1362)

  • Block-volume device choosing (HDFS-1804)

  • viewFS (HADOOP-7257)


Introduced in a previous release:

  • Storm REST APIs


Introduced in a previous release:

  • Simplified Application Packaging


Introduced in a previous release:

  • Spark Standalone

  • Spark on Mesos

  • Jupyter/iPython Notebook


Introduced in a previous release:

  • Fair Scheduler

  • MapReduce Eclipse Plug-in

  • MapReduce Uber AM


For R interpreter support (ZEPPELIN-156), only the following subset of the interpreters are enabled by default:

  • Spark

  • Hive

  • Shell

  • MarkDown

  • R

  • Livy

  • Angular

The following interpreters are not enabled by default:

  • Phoenix

Introduced in a previous release:

  • The ability to share a note by sharing its URL. This is due to a lack of proper access control over with whom and how a note can be shared.