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New Features

This section highlights new features in HDP 2.5.0.

Table 1.1. New Features

Apache ComponentFeature


Core Capabilities:

Enterprise Readiness:

Ease of Use:


Core Features:

Security Features:

  • Falcon REST API trusted proxy support (FALCON-1027)

  • Certify HDFS encryption support with Falcon


  • Capture data transfer details for various available replications (FALCON-1479)

  • Support for multiple lib paths in Falcon process (FALCON-887)

  • Supply user-defined properties to Oozie workflows during schedule (FALCON-1573)

  • Add ability to rerun process by ID (FALCON-1525)

  • Improved Metrics related to pipelines and instances (FALCON-1766)


  • Falcon UI to enable entity/process/feed edits and management (FALCON-790)

  • Pluggable filesystem support (FALCON-1012)


Developer Productivity:


Developer Productivity:

  • HBase C+ Client

  • Upgrade jamon-runtime to version 2.4.1 (HBASE-14493)

Core Features:

Streamlined Operations:


EDW Offload:

  • Dynamically partitioned hash join : Query Execution (HIVE-4924)

  • Composable Stats from partition stats/ HLL (HIVE-13418)

  • Vectorization: NPE for added columns in ORC non-partitioned tables (aka Schema Evolution) (HIVE-9985)

  • Microstrategy Superapp: SQL Gaps: order by UDF in over clause (HIVE-13475)

  • Cognos OLAP asks (HIVE-4662)

  • General ORC schema evolution (HIVE-13178)

  • Don't create empty bucket files (HIVE-13040)

  • More scalable partition loads (HIVE-12988)

Interactive SQL:

  • Sub-5-Second: Compile simple query in less than 300 milliseconds (includes metastore) (HIVE-7926)

  • Bucketed Table: prune buckets for filters (HIVE-10924)

  • Sub-5-Second: Parallelize Query compilation in HS2 (HIVE-11525)

  • Statement.setQueryTimeout() implemented in the Hive JDBC driver (HIVE-4239)

  • Plan generation : Improve performance of PartitionPruner and PredicatePushDown transformation optimizations (HIVE-12878)

  • Support rely/no-validate PK/FK relationship in Hive (HIVE-13076)

  • Optimize metadata-only HAVING query (HIVE-12640, HIVE-12645)

Enterprise Readiness:

  • Hiveserver2 ThriftHttpServlet does not process X-Forwarded-For (HIVE-10673)

  • Make Beeline usage easier (HIVE-11141)

  • Log additional information in HiveServer2 (HIVE-11684)

  • Support lazy initiation for TEZ session when start hive CLI (HIVE-11969)

  • Extend Hive JDBC functionality to support Hive View use cases (HIVE-6535)

  • Hive - support Row level filtering and column masking (HIVE-13125)


Streamlined Operations:

Enterprise Readiness:

  • New Consumer API

  • Improved Kafka SASL Support (KIP-43)


Core Security:

  • Knox Support for Hadoop/Yarn/HBase/Hive High Availability (KNOX-567)

  • Knox should support authentication using SPNEGO from browser (KNOX-25)

Enterprise Readiness:


Core Features:


Developer Productivity:

Core Features:

  • Multi-tenancy Improvements: Namespace (PHOENIX-1311)

  • Multi-tenancy Improvements: RegionServer Group based Assignment (HBASE-6721)

  • Multi-tenancy Improvements: Local Index in Apache Phoenix goes into default HBase namespace (PHOENIX-1311)

  • Stabilize Phoenix Local Secondary Indexes (PHOENIX-1734)

  • Option to Make Secondary Indexes Always Readable (PHOENIX-2221)


Advanced Security:

  • Ranger policy model to support data masking (RANGER-873)

  • Ranger policy model to support row-filtering (RANGER-908)

  • Dynamic Tag Based Access Policy (RANGER-274)

  • Time and Prohibition-based Access Policy (RANGER-606)

  • Location-based Access Policy (RANGER-596)

Enterprise Readiness:

  • Ranger KMS – Safenet Luna HSM Integration (RANGER-868)

  • Improvements on Reports page in Ranger Admin : Enhanced search by resource access, tags, etc. download report to a Excel, csv (RANGER-913)

  • Remove support for DB based auditing (RANGER-900)

  • Script and process to migrate existing audit from RDBMS to Solr (RANGER-271)

  • Support multiple OU in LDAP search for Ranger usersync (RANGER-803)

  • UserSync : limit the groups associated with users based on the group-search results (RANGER-869)

  • Provide support to delete Users and Groups from Ranger Admin UI (RANGER-888)

  • Add Ranger related rules to SmartSense



Streamlined Operations:

Developer Productivity:

Advanced Security:

  • Security Enhancements: Certification with HDFS TDE & wire encryption


Developer Productivity:


Streamlined Operations:

Enterprise Readiness:


Core Capability:

  • Zeppelin general availability

Advanced Security:

Streamlined Operations: