Release Notes
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HDP 2.5.0 provides Slider 0.91.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • SLIDER-942: Slider agent fails with SSL validation errors with python 2.7.9.

  • SLIDER-1129: Completely remove dependency on commons-httpclient library from test code as well due to HADOOP-13382

  • SLIDER-1145: Work around hadoop 2.8 changes in DefaultResourceCalculator.normalize.

  • SLIDER-1150: Slider app fails to start on AmazonLinux.

  • SLIDER-1152: Resource leaks found in code.

  • SLIDER-1153: Code issues - 14 null pointer deferences found.

  • SLIDER-1154: Fix concurrent data access violations.

  • SLIDER-1156: OutstandingRequestTracker edits map while iterating over its entries.

  • SLIDER-1157: Code issues - integer handling issues.