What is Cloudera Edge Management?

Cloudera Edge Management (CEM) is a solution that enables you to manage, control, and monitor agents that are deployed on the edge devices in IoT implementations. You can use these agents to collect real-time data originating from the devices to create and push actionable intelligence and insights to the place of data origin.

CEM consists of two components:
  • MiNiFi - A lightweight edge agent that implements the core features of Apache NiFi, focusing on data collection and processing at the edge.
  • Edge Flow Manager (EFM) - An agent management hub that supports a graphical flow-based programming model to develop, deploy, and monitor edge flows on thousands of MiNiFi agents.

CEM can export time series metrics to several metric storage providers. The recommended metrics store service is Prometheus. Prometheus integrates with Grafana for time series metric visualization. With Prometheus and Grafana, you can store and visualize metrics for CEM.