Scenario: Deployed state check frequency and timeout

Learn how you can control the frequency of checking the state of deployed operations and the timeout value for the deployed operations, and resolve issues.

A subset of agents have to deal with other non-CEM applications that require significant percentage of network IO on those agents. This limits the bandwidth available for the subset of agents compared to other agents. As a result, file download time is doubled compared to the expected 20-30 seconds.

Let us assume that agents are healthy but the operation itself is time consuming. In this case EFM is able to send an operation to multiple agents but the agents spend more time executing the operation so that operation remains in deployed state longer. In order to control this situation you can utilize the efm.operation.monitoring.inDeployedStateTimeout and efm.operation.monitoring.inDeployedStateCheckFrequency parameters.

The following chart gives an overview of how it behaves:


In this case you set inDeployedStateTimeout=70 and inDeployedStateCheckFrequency=5s. So EFM allows enough time for long running file downloads and checks frequently enough to avoid wasting too much time.