NiFi Patches

This release includes Apache NiFi 1.9.0 and the following patches.

  • NIFI-6040: ExecuteSQL can't perform batch loading with an input file
  • NIFI-6055: Improve error handling during auto-loading of NARs
  • NIFI-6056: Cassandra services NAR incorrectly bundles nifi-mock jar
  • NIFI-6059: GCS processors throw NullPointerException if Project ID property is not specified
  • NIFI-6065: Root Group Ports "waiting" too long
  • NIFI-6068: StandardFunnel looping excessively
  • NIFI-6069: Incorrect sorting of connection relationships during flow fingerprinting
  • NIFI-6088: JSON Record Readers sometimes infer types too narrow for the values, leading to truncation
  • NIFI-6105: Arrays of records/maps not handled correctly in Record processors
  • NIFI-6108: Port names in nested PGs get changed when importing from Registry
  • NIFI-6110: FlowFile Repository can fail to update
  • NIFI-6111: View Status History not showing proper values for cluster aggregate values
  • NIFI-6150: Content Repo not getting cleaned up
  • NIFI-6155: Framework task that checks if a component should run is not protected by try/catch