Upgrading CFM

To upgrade to the latest version of CFM, you must make note of and update some security password values, update the CSD files, restart the SCM Server, deactivate your old parcel and activate the new CFM parcel, and then restart your CFM services.

  1. Get the nifi.sensitive.props.key value from one of the NiFi nodes you have installed:
    cd /var/run/cloudera-scm-agent/process/ \
    && find . -name config.zip \
    | grep "NIFI_NODE" \
    | cut -c 3- \
    | sort -n \
    | tail -1 \
    | xargs unzip -p \
    | grep -A1 "<name>random.nifi.sensitive.props.key" \
    | grep -Po "(?<=<value>)[^<]+"

  2. Stop NiFi, NiFi Registry, and NiFi CA Service in this order.
  3. Remove flow.xml.gz from all nodes except the one from which you obtained the nifi.sensitive.props.key value.
    var/lib/nifi/ is the default location for flow.xml.gz, but file location is configurable using the nifi.working.directory property in the NiFi configuration file.
  4. Delete the old CSD files.
  5. Download the new CSD files.
    The default CSD location is /opt/cloudera/csd, but you can configure that location from Cloudera Manager Admnistration | Settings | Local Descriptor Repository Path.

    Ensure that you maintain the appropriate file ownership and access attributes and SELinux permissions if needed.

  6. Download the new CFM parcel and .sha checksome file appropriate for your operating system.
    The default parcel location is /opt/cloudera/parcel-repo/.

    Ensure that you maintain the appropriate file ownership and access attributes and SELinux permissions if needed.

  7. Restart the cloudera-scm-server service:
    service cloudera-scm-server restart
  8. In Cloudera Manager, select cluster, then select NiFi from drop down, then select the Configuration tab. Then use the search box to find the Sensitive Properties Key value. Copy the sensitive properties key value that you got from step one and paste into this box. The minimum length is 12 digits.
  9. Set the following additional NiFi passwords to randomly generated values.
    • nifi.master.key.password
    • nifi.security.truststorePasswd
    • nifi.security.keystorePasswd
    • nifi.security.keyPasswd

    You must use the same value for nifi.security.keyPasswd and nifi.security.keystorePasswd.

  10. Update the following NiFi Registry configurations with random values for the following fields:
    • nifi.registry.master.key.password
    • nifi.registry.security.truststorePasswd
    • nifi.registry.security.keyPasswd
    • nifi.registry.security.keystorePasswd

    You must use the same value for nifi.registry.security.keyPasswd and nifi.registry.security.keystorePasswd.

  11. In Cloudera Manager, from the Parcels page, distribute and activate the CFM 1.0.1 parcel.
    After clicking Activate, the Activate CFM on <cluster-name> pop-up displays. Click Activate Only, and then OK.
  12. Restart NiFi CA Service, NiFi Registry and NiFi, and deploy the client configurations.
  13. Remove parcels from host. (optional cleanup step). From Parcel menu, go to the CFM parcel, and select Remove From Host. Then select Delete.