Known Issues

Summarizes known issues for this release.

  • JDK limitation: JDK 8u271, JDK 8u281, and JDK 8u291 may cause socket leak issues in NiFi due to JDK-8245417 and JDK-8256818. Pay attention to the build version of your JDK because some later builds are fixed as described in JDK-8256818.

    Workaround: Consider using a more recent version of the JDK like 8u282, or builds of the JDK where the issue is fixed.

  • NIFI-8387: UI - render bulletins for referencing components from new data model
  • NIFI-8386: When fetching Parameter Context/Variable Registry/Controller Services, referencing components should include bulletins
  • NIFI-8330: JythonScriptEngineConfigurator needs to recompile on init()
  • NIFI-8326: KafkaRecordSink puts multiple records in one message
  • NIFI-7912: Site to Site may fail if data exchange takes more than 30 seconds