XML property enhancements

In order to configure xml property files, dot notation is leveraged in order to represent the actual schema for a given property file. This allows users to enhance or overwrite xml based properties in Cloudera Manager using. The structure for naming is as follows:


Supported properties types for NiFi are authorizers (authorizers.xml) and loginIdentityProviders (used in login-identity-providers.xml). For NiFi Registry supported types are authorizers and identityProviders.

The below property key/value example creates a user group provider entry into the authorizers file for NiFi:

Name: xml.authorizers.userGroupProvider.file-user-group-provider.class
Value: org.apache.nifi.authorization.FileUserGroupProvider

Name: xml.authorizers.userGroupProvider.file-user-group-provider.property.Initial User Identity 2 
Value: CN=localhost, OU=NIFI

This translates to the following entry in the generated authorizers.xml file:

        <property name="Initial User Identity 2">CN=localhost, OU=NIFI</property>

Properties names that have spaces are supported and do not need to be escaped.