Fixed issues

Review the list of resolved issues.

CFM 2.1.6 uses Apache NiFi 1.23.1 with additional commits on top of it. It includes all fixed issues of this Apache NiFi release as well as the below list:

  • CFM-1822: Added nifi-cdf-grpc-nar to assembly
  • CFM-1822: Added ARM64 protoc binaries in nifi-cdf-grpc-bundle
  • CFM-2853: Added CyberarkConjurParameterProvider
  • CFM-3022: Excluded Content-Type header in custom S3 signer
  • CFM-3088: Added PostgreSQLConnectionPool
  • CFM-3159: Added registry client for Cloudera Flow Library
  • CFM-3159: Fixed StringUtils dependency in nifi-cdf-flow-library modules
  • CFM-3168: Added EBCDICRecordReader
  • CFM-3239: ClouderaSchemaRegistry controller service
  • CFM-3325: Redshift controller service
  • CFM-3328: Added ListenNetFlow Processor
  • CFM-3328: Added nifi-cdf-netflow-nar to nifi-assembly
  • CFM-3329: CML Lookup Service
  • CFM-3335: PutIcebergCDC processor
  • CFM-3378: Automatic nar delivery should not die, if 404 happens
  • CFM-3425: Created AzureServiceBusJMSConnectionFactoryProvider
  • CFM-3471: Allowing ClouderFlowLibraryClient to work with unknown fields
  • CFM-3488: Corrected padding handling for ListenNetFlow Options Templates
  • NIFI-11817: Fixed ListCDPObjectStore after ListHDFS refactor
  • NIFI-11889: Added Record-oriented Transmission to PutTCP
  • NIFI-11916: Iceberg processor extensibility improvement
  • NIFI-11971: Ensured that if no bytes are written to a file after calling ProcessSession.write() that content claim's length is set to 0 when closing OutputStream
  • NIFI-11971: Ensured that when creating a new content claim that an existing claim length of -1 is always treated as 0 to ensure that -1 is never added to the offset

For a summary of improvements, bug fixes and new features delivered with Apache NiFi, see the following release notes: