Behavioral changes

Learn about behavioral changes in Cloudera Flow Management (CFM) 2.1.6.

The Neo4JCypher3ClientService Controller Service has been completely removed in favor of the Neo4JCypherClientService controller service, which uses a more recent version of the underlying library.
As part of NIFI-11614 and to ensure better security, some restrictions around the JndiJmsConnectionFactoryProvider controller service have been implemented.
New behavior:
The default validation for the JNDI Provider URL property only allows the following URL schemes:
  • file
  • jgroups
  • ssl
  • t3
  • t3s
  • tcp
  • udp
  • vm
If an additional URL scheme is required to interact with a specific JMS solution, a NiFi admin has to configure the following Java system property in the application bootstrap.conf file to override the default list: tcp