Supported data types

The following SQL data types are supported in Cloudera Streaming Analytics.

Java to SQL type mappings

SQL Type From DataStream To DataStream
STRING String String
BOOLEAN boolean/Boolean boolean/Boolean
BYTES byte[] byte[]
DECIMAL(38,18) BigDecimal BigDecimal
TINYINT byte/Byte byte
SMALLINT short/Short short/Short
INT int/Integer int/Integer
BIGINT long/Long long/Long
FLOAT float/Float float/Float
DOUBLE double/Double double/Double
MAP Maps of supported types using MapTypeInfo Maps of supported types
ARRAY primitive/object arrays primitive/object arrays*
ROW Row Row

Timestamp and Date types

The Table API supports a wide variety of conversions between java.sql , java.time and SQL types. For smooth operation, it is recommended to use java.sql time classes whenever possible.
To DataStream
SQL Type From DataStream Tuple Row
DATE java.sql.Date java.sql.Date java.time.LocalDate
java.time.LocalDate* java.time.LocalDate*
TIME(0) java.sql.Time java.sql.Time java.time.LocalTime
java.time.LocalTime* java.time.LocalTime*
TIMESTAMP(3) java.sql.Timestamp java.sql.Timestamp java.time.LocalDateTime
java.time.LocalDateTime (no .rowtime support)* java.time.LocalDateTime*
TIMESTAMP_WITH_LOCAL_TIME_ZONE java.time.Instant* java.time.Instant* java.time.Instant