SQL Client configuration

The SQL client provides a simple and efficient command line tool to interactively develop and submit Flink SQL queries to your clusters without using Java code. The SQL Client CLI enables you to use the command line for retrieving and visualizing real-time results from the running distributed applications.

You can control the Flink SQL Client behaviour by the following layers of configuration:
  • Regular Flink configuration (flink-conf.yaml)
  • SQL Client default settings (sql-client-defaults.yaml)
  • Custom environment settings

The regular Flink configuration is shared with all other Flink jobs, and you can configure it through Cloudera Manager.

The SQL Client default settings file is located at /etc/flink/conf/sql-client-defaults.yaml by default. This file stores the default SQL-specific settings, such as catalog configurations and default table execution parameters. You can add content to this file through the safety valve exposed in Cloudera Manager:

You have the option to override some of these settings by creating a custom environment YAML file, and pass it when starting the SQL Client with the -e sql-env.yaml parameter. This is a convenient way of handling user-specific SQL Client configurations.