What's new in Cloudera Streaming Analytics

Cloudera Streaming Analytics 1.2 covers new features beside the core streaming functionality of Apache Flink.

Cloudera Streaming Analytics 1.2 introduces the following key features:
  • Upgrade to Apache Flink 1.10

    For more information about Flink 1.10, see the Release Notes in the Apache Flink documentation.

  • Reworked Dashboard to Flink WebUI
  • Reworked Flink CLI
  • Apache Atlas integration
  • Apache Kudu streaming sink connector
  • SQL/Table API and SQL client with the following connectors:
    • Apache Kudu
    • Schema Registry
    • Apache Hive
  • Connecting to Kafka 2.4.1 that is running on remote CDH6 or HDP3 is also supported.