What's new in Cloudera Streaming Analytics

Cloudera Streaming Analytics 1.6.0 covers new features beside the core streaming functionality of Apache Flink and SQL Stream Builder.

Apache Flink upgrade
Apache Flink 1.14 is supported in Cloudera Streaming Analytics 1.6.0.
For more information on what is included in the Apache Flink 1.14 version, see the Apache Flink 1.14 Release Post and the Apache Flink 1.14 Release Notes.
Db2 CDC connector support
Db2 CDC connector is added for the set of supported connectors. This enables you to use data from the IBM Db2 databases with the Change Data Capture connector in SSB.
For more information, see the CDC connectors documentation.
Custom connectors and data formats

You are able to add new connectors and data formats, and also modify the default and predefined connectors and data formats using Streaming SQL Console to further customize your Streaming SQL jobs.

For more information, see the Supported connectors and Managing connectors in the Connectors sections.

SQL job migration tool
With the SQL job migration tool you can migrate your SQL jobs with configurations from one cluster to another using REST API or Command Line Interface (CLI).
For more information, see the Using the SQL job migration tool section.
REST API extended support
The SQL Stream Builder REST API is extended with more job, session and query management operations for Flink and SSB. There is also a direct link for the REST API Explorer from Cloudera Manager and from Streaming SQL Console as well.
For the list of newly added operations and more information about the SSB REST API, see the Using the SSB REST API section.
Flink Dashboard access
Flink Dashboard is added to the Streaming SQL Console main menu for easier job monitoring access. The SSB Team authorization feature is also extended to Flink Dashboard which means that only those jobs can be monitored in Flink Dashboard that belong to the team a user is assigned to.