Release Notes

Apache Phoenix 5.0.0 parcel for CDH is available for CDH 6.2.0 and later CDH versions.

Starting with CDH 6.2.0, Apache Phoenix 5.0.0 parcel can be installed and used with CDH. You can now download and install the Phoenix parcel on CDH 6.2.0 and later versions.

Fixed Issues in the 6.2.1 Phoenix Parcel

  • Now includes the Bionic parcel.
  • Fixes the issue where CREATE TABLE AS SELECT for Phoenix table doesn't work correctly in Hive (PHOENIX-5619).
  • Fix the issue where Hive against Phoenix gets "Expecting "RPAREN", got "L" in Tez mode" (PHOENIX-5552).
  • Fix the issue where HttpClient outputs a NoClassDefFoundError error due to an old HttpCore API version (PHOENIX-5572).
  • Fix the issue where a PSQL load fails with lower table name (PHOENIX-5506).
  • IndexedKeyValue should populate KeyValue fields (PHOENIX-5188).
  • Upgrade jackson-databind to 2.9.10.
  • Promote CATALOG.VIEW_INDEX_ID to an int (PHOENIX-3547).
  • Fix the issue where the query parser throws exception on parameterized join (PHOENIX-4871).
  • Fix the issue where rows with null values inserted by UPSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE are included in query results when they shouldn't be (PHOENIX-5136).
  • Global Phoenix Client Metrics for PQS (PHOENIX-3655).
  • Convert query statements in PhoenixDatabaseMetaData to prepared statements (PHOENIX-5368).

Known Issues

The Phoenix artifacts provided in the Maven repository have transitive dependencies on some artifacts that are not available either in the Apache central repository, the Cloudera provided CDH repository, or the Cloudera provided Phoenix repository.

Workaround: When you add a dependency on any of the provided Maven Phoenix artifacts, you must exclude the org.glassfish.web:javax.servlet.jsp artifact. For example:

Affected Versions: CDH 6.2.0

Cloudera Issue: CDH-81419

Unsupported Features

The following upstream Apache Phoenix 5.0.0 features are currently not supported in the Cloudera parcel of Phoenix:

  • Pig, Flume, Kafka, and MapReduce integration
  • Multi-row and cross-table transaction support