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Advanced LDAP Configuration Parameters

The table below provides a description and sample of the available advanced bind and search configuration parameters:

principalRegexParses the principal for insertion into templates via regex.(.*)(.*?)\\(.*) (e.g. match US\tom: {0}=US\tom, {1}=US, {2}=tom)
userDnTemplateDirect user bind DN template.{0}cn={2},dc={1},dc=qa,dc=company,dc=com
userSearchBaseSearch based template. Used with config below.nonedc={1},dc=qa,dc=company,dc=com
userSearchAttributeNameAttribute name for simplified search filter.nonesAMAccountName
userSearchAttributeTemplateAttribute template for simplified search filter.{0}{2}
userSearchFilterAdvanced search filter template. Note & is & in XML.none(&(objectclass=person)(sAMAccountName={2}))
userSearchScopeSearch scope: subtree, onelevel, object.subtreeonelevel