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Configuring HDP Services for HDFS Encryption

HDFS data at rest encryption is supported on the following HDP components:


You should create a separate Admin user account for HDFS Data at Rest Encryption for each of the following supported components.

  • HBase

  • Hive

  • Hive on Tez

  • MapReduce

  • Oozie

  • Spark

  • Sqoop

  • Storm

  • WebHDFS

  • YARN

HDFS data at rest encryption is not supported on the following components:

  • Accumulo

  • Falcon

  • HDP Search

The remainder of this section describes scenarios and access considerations for accessing HDFS-encrypted files from supporting HDP components.


When HDFS encryption is configured, Spark is able to access data without any further configuration steps or code changes. HDFS encryption is transparent for Spark users.