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As customers deploy Hadoop into corporate data and processing environments, metadata and data governance must be vital parts of any enterprise-ready data lake. For this reason, Hortonworks established the Data Governance Initiative (DGI) with Aetna, Merck, Target, and SAS to introduce a common approach to Hadoop data governance into the open source community. This initiative has since evolved into a new open source project named Apache Atlas. Apache Atlas is a set of core governance services that enables enterprises to meet their compliance requirements within Hadoop, while also enabling integration with the complete enterprise data ecosystem. These services include:

  • Dataset search and lineage operations

  • Metadata-driven data access control

  • Indexed and searchable centralized auditing

  • Data lifecycle management from ingestion to disposition

  • Metadata interchange with other tools

Ranger also provides a centralized framework for collecting access audit history and reporting this data, including filtering on various parameters. HDP enhances audit information that is captured within different components within Hadoop and provides insights through this centralized reporting capability.