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Installing Externally Managed SolrCloud

Installation and Configuration Steps

  1. Run the following commands:

    cd $HOME
    git clone
    cd incubator-ranger/security-admin/contrib/solr_for_audit_setup
  2. Edit the file (see the instructions in the following sections).

  3. Run the ./ script.

  4. Refer to $SOLR_RANGER_HOME/install_notes.txt for additional instructions.

Solr Installation

You can download the Solr package from Apache Solr Downloads. Make sure that the Solr version is 5.2 or above. You can also use the Ranger script to automatically download, install, and configure Solr. If you would like to use the script to install Solr, set the following properties in the files, along with the settings from the one of the configuration options in the following sections.

Table 5.1. Solr Values for script

Property NameValueDescription
SOLR_INSTALLtrueWhen set to true, script will download the Solr package and install it.
SOLR_DOWNLOAD_URL is recommended that you use one for Apache mirror sites to download the Solr package. You can choose a mirror site at
SOLR_INSTALL_FOLDER/opt/solrThe Solr install folder.