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Regular Expression Identity Assertion Provider

The regular expression identity assertion provider allows incoming identities to be translated using a regular expression, template and lookup table. This will probably be most useful in conjunction with the HeaderPreAuth federation provider.

There are three configuration parameters used to control the behavior of the provider:

inputThis is a regular expression that will be applied to the incoming identity. The most critical part of the regular expression is the group notation within the expression. In regular expressions, groups are expressed within parenthesis. For example in the regular expression “(.*)@(.*?)..*” there are two groups. When this regular expression is applied to “nobody@us.imaginary.tld” group 1 matches “nobody” and group 2 matches “us”.
outputThis is a template that assembles the result identity. The result is assembled from the static text and the matched groups from the input regular expression. In addition, the matched group values can be looked up in the lookup table. An output value of “{1}_{2}” of will result in “nobody_us”.
lookupThis lookup table provides a simple (albeit limited) way to translate text in the incoming identities. This configuration takes the form of “=” separated name values pairs separated by “;”. For example a lookup setting is “us=USA;ca=CANADA”. The lookup is invoked in the output setting by surrounding the desired group number in square brackets (i.e. []). Putting it all together, output setting of “{1}_[{2}]” combined with input of “(.*)@(.*?)..*” and lookup of “us=USA;ca=CANADA” will turn “nobody@us.imaginary.tld” into "nobody@USA".

Within the topology file the provider configuration might look like this:


Using curl with this type of configuration might produce the following results:

curl -k --header "SM_USER: nobody@us.imaginary.tld" 'https://localhost:8443/gateway/sandbox/webhdfs/v1?op=GETHOMEDIRECTORY'


url -k --header "SM_USER: nobody@ca.imaginary.tld" 'https://localhost:8443/gateway/sandbox/webhdfs/v1?op=GETHOMEDIRECTORY'