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Ranger manages access control through a user interface that ensures consistent policy administration across Hadoop data access components. Security administrators can define security policies at the database, table, column, and file levels, and can administer permissions for specific LDAP-based groups or individual users. Rules based on dynamic conditions such as time or geolocation can also be added to an existing policy rule. The Ranger authorization model is pluggable and can be easily extended to any data source using a service-based definition.

Administrators can use Ranger to define a centralized security policy for the following Hadoop components:

  • HDFS

  • YARN

  • Hive

  • HBase

  • Storm

  • Knox

  • Solr

  • Kafka

Ranger works with standard authorization APIs in each Hadoop component and can enforce centrally administered policies for any method used to access the Data Lake.

Ranger Security Policy Definitions

Ranger provides administrators with the deep visibility into the security administration process that is required for auditing. The combination of a rich user interface and deep audit visibility makes Ranger highly intuitive to use, enhancing productivity for security administrators.

Ranger Security Policy Overview