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Problem with userDnTemplate-Based Authentication

UserDnTemplate based authentication uses configuration parameter ldapRealm.userDnTemplate. Typical value of userDNTemplate would look like uid={0},ou=people,dc=hadoop,dc=apache,dc=org.

To compute bind DN of the client, we swap the place holder {0} with login id provided by the client. For example, if the login id provided by the client is "guest’, the computed bind DN would be uid=guest,ou=people,dc=hadoop,dc=apache,dc=org.

This keeps configuration simple.

However, this does not work if users belong to different branches of LDAP DIT. For example, if there are some users under ou=people,dc=hadoop,dc=apache,dc=org and some users under ou=contractors,dc=hadoop,dc=apache,dc=org,

We can not come up with userDnTemplate that would work for all the users.