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Configure Ranger Tagsync

To configure Ranger Tagsync, select Ranger Tagsync on the Customize Services page, then specify a Tagsync source. You can use Atlas, AtlasREST, or a file as the Tagsync source.

Table 3.10. Atlas Tag Source Properties

Atlas Source: Kafka endpointThe Kafka endpoint: <kafka_server_url>:6667
Atlas Source: ZooKeeper endpointThe ZooKeeper endpoint: <zookeeper_server_url>:2181
Atlas Source: Kafka consumer groupThe Ranger entities consumer.

Table 3.11. AtlasREST Source Properties

AtlasREST Source: Atlas endpoint

The AtlasREST source endpoint:


AtlasREST Source: Atlas source download intervalThe AtlasREST source download interval (milliseconds).

Table 3.12. File Tag Source Properties

File Source: File update polling intervalThe file update polling interval (milliseconds).
File Source: FilenameThe tag source file name.