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Login Sessions

The Login Sessions tab logs the information related to the sessions for each login.

You can filter the data based on the following criteria:

Table 5.7. Search Criteria

Search CriteriaDescription
Login IDThe username through which someone logs in to the system.
Session-idThe session count increments each time the user tries to log into the system.
Start Date, End DateSpecifies that results should be filtered based on a particular start date and end date.
Login TypeThe mode through which the user tries to login (by entering username and password).
IPThe IP address of the system through which the user logged in.
User AgentThe browser or library version used to login for the specific event (e.g. Mozilla, Java, Python)
ResultLogs whether or not the login was successful. Possible results can be Success, Wrong Password, Account Disabled, Locked, Password Expired or User Not Found.

Ranger Console Audit tab, Login Sessions sub-tab