CDP Private Cloud Base Reference Architecture: Abstract

The Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Private Cloud Base Reference Architecture is a high-level design and best-practices guide for deploying CDP Private Cloud Base in customer data centers.

CDP Private Cloud Base is the on-premises version of the Cloudera Data Platform. This new product combines the best of Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub and Hortonworks Data Platform Enterprise along with new features and enhancements across the stack. This unified distribution is a scalable and customizable platform where you can securely run many types of workloads.

CDP Private Cloud Base supports a variety of hybrid solutions where compute tasks are separated from data storage and where data can be accessed from remote clusters. This hybrid approach provides a foundation for containerized applications by managing storage, table schema, authentication, authorization, and governance.

CDP Private Cloud Base comprises of a variety of components such as Apache HDFS, Apache Hive 3, Apache HBase, and Apache Impala, along with many other services for specialized workloads. You can select any combination of these services to create clusters that address your business requirements and workloads. Several pre-configured packages of services are also available for common workloads. These include:
  • Data Engineering: Ingest, transform, and analyze data

    Services: HDFS, YARN, YARN Queue Manager, Ranger, Atlas, Hive metastore, Hive on Tez, Spark, Oozie, Hue, and Data Analytics Studio (DAS)

  • Data Mart: Browse, query, and explore your data in an interactive way

    Services: HDFS, YARN, YARN Queue Manager, Ranger, Atlas, Hive metastore, Impala, and Hue

  • Operational Database: Low latency writes, reads, and persistent access to data for Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) use cases

    Services: HDFS, Ranger, Atlas, and HBase

Installing a CDP Private Cloud Base cluster involes installing a parcel called Cloudera Runtime that contains all of the services and installing certain powerful tools to manage, govern, and secure your cluster. For a complete list of the included components, see Cloudera Runtime Component Versions.