Review the information about some of the common questions related to having multiple data centers, operating systems, storage options, and RDBMS.

Operating systems

Review the list of supported operating systems for Cloudera Runtime and Cloudera Manager.

Storage options and configuration

The HDFS data directories should use local storage, which provides all the benefits of keeping compute resources close to the storage and not reading remotely over the network.

The root device size for CDP Private Cloud Base clusters should be at least 500 GB to allow parcels and logs to be stored.

To guard against data center failures, you can set up a scheduled distcp operation to persist data to a supported cloud object storage platform. For examples, see Using DistCp to copy files. You can also leverage Cloudera Manager’s Replication Manager feature to backup data to another running cluster.

Relational databases

CDP Private Cloud Base deployments require relational databases for Cloudera Manager, Hive Metastore, Hue, Ranger, Atlas, Oozie, and so on. The database credentials are required during CDP Private Cloud Base installation. See Required Databases for more information.