When undertaking Business Impact Analysis, consider the workloads that run the business, being more important than ones that assist the business.

Not all workloads need to be replicated, allowing for smaller disaster recovery environments, with the option to scale up post-disaster, or offload to CDP Public Cloud.

Some environments require full workload replication, necessitating duplicate equipment, configuration, and change management procedures for each half of the disaster recovery pair.

Cloudera does not recommend using hybrid replication from Private Cloud to Public Cloud for only data replication. Simply backing up data to the cloud may be insufficient for providing reliable disaster recovery capabilities. Both the data and workload must be replicated in both form factors. This ensures that during a disaster recovery event, the workload can still operate on the data in either form factor. CDP provides a common runtime so that applications can run consistently in both form factors. For that to happen the application and data have to be available.