Configuring the EFM server

Once the Edge Flow Manager (EFM) server is installed, you can configure it by editing the file. At minimum, you should edit the EFM server address, set up the connection to NiFi Registry, and configure the connection to your database.

  1. Open the file located in $EFM_HOME/conf/
  2. Configure the EFM Server address. Change efm.server.address=localhost to efm.server.address={EFM_IP_OR_HOSTNAME}, or use to listen on all network interfaces.
  3. Configure your connection by editing the following two properties:

    Change efm.nifi.registry.enabled=false to efm.nifi.registry.enabled=true.

    Change efm.nifi.registry.url to point to the base URL of your NiFi Registry server.

  4. Configure one of the following properties to identify the NiFi Registry bucket you want EFM to use. Do not set both.