Monitoring events in CEM

Learn the options, available in the Events Monitor screen, that enables you to monitor C2 server and agent events.

Click the Monitor icon () and then select Events to navigate to the Events Monitor screen. Cloudera Edge Management (CEM) UI provides the following details for events:
  • Severity
  • Event Type
  • Message
  • Event Source
  • Source Type
  • Class
  • Date/Time
You can display events based on time range (All, Last Hour, Last 4 Hours, Last 24 Hours, Last 7 Days) by selecting the desired Time range value in the drop-down. The number of rows displayed (20, 50, 100) can be configured by selecting the desired value from the Rows per page drop-down. The following image shows the Time range and Rows per page options in the UI:

Sorting and filtering

You can sort data in each column in ascending or descending order by clicking the column name. For example, you can sort the events based on class by clicking the Class column name.

You can also filter the events by Severity, Event Type, Message, Event Source, Source Type, and Class. Select the column name in the drop-down box at the top-right corner of the UI, enter the filter value, and select RETURN on the keyboard to apply the filter.

You can use multiple column names and filter values to filter your data. Here is an example of filtering by Event Source and Source Type:

After you filter the event details as per your requirement, you can share the URL with other users who can then view your filtered event list.

Reload and show latest

You can view new events in the system by selecting either the Reload or Show Latest links. Reload refreshes events using the existing search and sort criteria. Show Latest reloads events but sorts by the latest events using the existing search criteria.

The following image shows the Reload and Show Latest links in the Events screen:

Event details

You can find the details of events by clicking the Event Details icon () beside each event. The following image shows event details of the event selected in the Events section: