What's new in Cloudera Edge Management

Cloudera Edge Management (CEM) is a solution that enables you to manage, control, and monitor agents that are deployed on the edge devices in IoT implementations. You can use these agents to collect real-time data originating from the devices to create and push actionable intelligence and insights to the place of data origin.

Cloudera Edge Management 1.3.0 is a feature release that contains performance improvements, bug fixes, and new features including:
  • Support added for authentication and authorization management

    You can now secure EFM by integrating with Single Sign On (SSO) identity providers for login and assign roles to users to control access to agent classes and authorized actions. For more information, see Securing Cloudera Edge Management.

  • Support added for MariaDB

    You can now use MariaDB as an external database for EFM. For more information on how to install and configure MariaDB for EFM, see Installing and configuring MariaDB.

  • Support added for integrating Apache Kafka with EFM

    EFM can now forward heartbeats to a defined Kafka topic. For more information on how to integrate EFM with Kafka, see Integrating with Apache Kafka.

  • Starting with EFM 1.3.0, support for NiFi Registry integration is deprecated, and the NiFi Registry integration feature will be removed from the future versions of EFM.
    NiFi Registry integration was originally supported for the following use cases:
    • Designing flows outside of EFM
    • Saving a backup copy of flows designed from EFM

    However, both use cases are better supported without using NiFi Registry. Also, without using NiFi Registry, EFM gains the ability to import and export flows in many formats, which improves flow design portability.

    For restoring flows from backups, EFM database backup option offers a better experience compared to NiFi Registry backup option. Because, when reading from NiFi Registry to EFM, key metadata is lost and cannot be fully recovered. For this reason, in order to accelerate the EFM roadmap and offer you the best capabilities and experience, Cloudera is deprecating and eventually removing the ability to write a copy of flows to NiFi Registry.

    Starting with EFM 1.3.0, Cloudera recommends that if you have enabled NiFi Registry integration, then disable it by setting the efm.nifi.registry.enabled property to false, in the efm.properties file, so that upgrades to future versions become more seamless.

  • Starting with CEM 1.3.0, EFM uses port 10090 by default as the previous default port 10080 is now blocked by most major web browsers as a security measure. For more information on the implications of this change when upgrading from older versions of EFM to version 1.3.0, see Fixed Issues.
  • EFM and MiNiFi Java can now use Java 11.

For more information on bug fixes, see Fixed issues.