Fixed issues

Summary of fixed issues for this release.

Fixed issues in this release include:
  • The EFM default port changed to 10090 (was 10080) to account for recent versions of browsers, including Chrome and Firefox, blocks HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP access to TCP port 10080 to prevent the ports from being abused in NAT Slipstreaming 2.0 attacks. Take care when upgrading to version 1.3 to decide what port you should use to access EFM.
  • Fixed an issue that would create dynamic relationships for custom properties in UpdateAttribute for MiNiFi Java.
  • Remote Process Groups can now be used with MiNiFi Java.
  • Flow deployment progress in EFM are more accurate.
  • Flow validation warnings in the flow designer now update reliably when changes are made to a flow.
  • Fixed an issue rendering self-loop connections in the flow designer.