NiFi Registry Patches

This release includes Apache NiFi Registry 0.6.0 and the following patches.

  • NIFIREG-252: Add docker maven image and build profile.
  • NIFIREG-320: Add standard HTTP security headers.
  • NIFIREG-323: Updated bootstrap port handling causes restarts to fail.
  • NIFIREG-325: Support for node identity group.
  • NIFIREG-334: Changes to support Java 11.
  • NIFIREG-336: Enable Integration Tests by Default.
  • NIFIREG-353: Add ShellUserGroupProvider to NiFi Registry.
  • NIFIREG-355: Include profiles for hadoop libs in ranger plugin.
  • NIFIREG-356: Fixing additional classpath resources for Authorizers.
  • NIFIREG-358: Proxy authorization not working with groups.

For more information on fixed Apache NiFi Registry patches, see