System Prerequisites

There are minimum system requirements that need to be met when running the Community Edition of Cloudera Streams Processing (CSP).

Table 1. System prerequisites
Docker-compose version 1.6.0 or higher
Docker engine version 1.10.0 or higher
Memory 8 GB or more
CPU 4 cores or more
Required TCP ports
  • Kafka: 9094
  • Kafka Connect: 28083, 28086
  • Prometheus: 9090
  • Schema Registry: 7788
  • SMM UI: 9991
  • SMM REST: 8585
  • PostgreSQL: 5432
  • ZooKeeper: 2181
  • Streaming SQL Console: 18121
  • Materialized View Engine: 18131
  • Flink Dashboard: 8081
The Community Edition should run on any Linux distribution that has a working docker and docker-compose installation. No configuration changes are typically required.
MacOS and Windows users should use Docker Desktop to run SQL Stream Builder.
By default, Docker Desktop limits resources to containers. To run SQL Stream Builder, you need to select Docker -> Preferences, and increase the memory and CPU allocations.