Configuring the Driver Role Target Clusters

Learn about Streams Replication Manager Driver role target clusters and how to configure them.

The Streams Replication Manager Driver Role is responsible for connecting to the specified clusters and performing replication between them. The driver can be installed on one or more hosts within a cluster.

The clusters the driver connects to are the clusters that you specify with the Streams Replication Manager Cluster alias. and streams.replication.manager's replication configs properties.

Target clusters of the driver are clusters that the driver writes data to. By default when the driver is started it will connect to all clusters, gather data from them, and write to all of them. In other words, by default a driver targets all clusters in your configuration. However, in a more complex deployment this setup is not ideal, as the driver role instances can become overburdened. In cases like these Cloudera recommends that you limit the number of clusters that each driver targets.

This can be done with the streams replication manager driver target cluster property, which allows you to specify which cluster or clusters the driver targets.

When you specify a driver target, the driver still connects to all clusters and gathers data from them. However, it will only write to the clusters specified.

Configuring driver targets and limiting the number of clusters each instance of the driver writes to is essential in an advanced deployment as it allows you to distribute replication workloads.

By default the streams replication manager driver target cluster property is left empty, meaning that all clusters are targeted. The property accepts any cluster alias that is specified in Streams Replication Manager Cluster alias.. When adding multiple cluster aliases, delimit them with a comma.

  1. In Cloudera Manager select Streams Replication Manager.
  2. Go to Configuration.
  3. Find the streams replication manager driver target cluster property.
  4. Add the cluster aliases that you want the driver role to target. For example:
    primary, secondary
  5. Enter a Reason for change, and then click Save Changes to commit the changes.
  6. Restart Streams Replication Manager.
Driver targets are configured. Drivers only write data to the targeted clusters.