Add and Configure Schema Registry

  1. From the Cloudera Manager Home page, select the drop-down to the right of your cluster, and select Add a Service and select Schema Registry. You may install one service at a time.
  2. If you updated the JDK in the Prepare your environment section of this document, ensure that you also update the Java Home Path Override field in the Cloudera Manager configuration.
  3. Specify the Jar Storage Type.
    Your options are:
    • Local
    • HDFS

    For example:
  4. Configure the Registry Storage properties, based on the database you created to use as the Schema Registry metadata store.
    Schema Registry Storage Connector URL /
    Schema Registry Storage Connector User /
    Schema Registry Storage Connector Password /
  5. Ensure that Schema Registry Storage Connector URL has the fully qualified host name for the database installation location, the connector URL, and the default port for the database selected. For example:
    MYSQL example:
    Postgres example:
    Oracle example:
  6. Complete the rest of the Cloudera Manager wizard steps to complete the Schema Registry installation and configuration.