What's new in Cloudera Stream Processing

Cloudera Stream Processing 2.0.1 is a maintenance release that includes a number of bug fixes.

CSP 2.0.1 includes the following bug fixes:

  • CSP-310 – The SMM parcel does not contain all dependencies, including Node and Forever.
  • CSP-319 – SMM does not trigger alerts immediately when SRM fails.
  • CSP-348 – SRM requires a cluster restart for any SRM-control changes to take effect.
  • CSP-363 – SRM record replication may fail.
  • CSP-366 – SMM logs show duplicate Cloudera Manager authentication entries.
  • CSP-407 – SMM displays a UI error on the Topic page when you specify a custom time range.
  • CSP-414 – SMM metrics may display errors.
  • CSP-415 – SMM Data-In Data-out metrics display discrepancies between the global metric and an individual partition metric.
  • CSP-499 – When SMM is configured with SSL, SMM fails to start.
  • CSP-530 – SMM clusters left running will fail with an Out o Memory message in the SMM log, and a "Failed to fetch" error displayed on the SMM UI.
  • CSP-541 – NullPointerException displays when Cloudera Manager is on https but SMM is configured to use http.
  • CSP-555 – The SMM metric TOTAL_FETCH_CONSUMER_REQUEST_LATENCY does not return accurate values.
  • CSP-594 – The identifier length in Oracle migration scripts is not compatible with Oracle 11gR2 and Oracle 12.1.